I’ve been mentoring a team that uses Labview for FRC and a different team that uses Android Studio JAVA for FTC.

We’ve been asked to move to FRC JAVA for next year because our senior programmer (who preferred Labview) graduates and the school system is beginning to teach JAVA.

I installed Eclipse IDE and looked at some code examples from various teams.

Things were fine until I tried to compile and send code to the RoboRIO…then things got sour.

First Eclipse told me it could not find “javac”…no paths set up…checked Internet and think I fixed paths…

After the fix…Android Studio would not open…the JAVA_HOME path I set up was causing problems.

My question is…are the two IDE’s compatible? If so…what gyrations do I need to go through to get them to play well together.


What you should’ve done was kept what you had than setup a new JRE entry in your eclipse to point to the same one that android pointed to. (It sounds like the autoconfig that was picked up by eclipse was a JRE and not a JDK).

I’m not familiar with how android studio works, you’ll have to look at how to configure the compiler for it

Thank you for the info…but I’m not sure how to go about doing what you

Can you lead me through it?

The WPI lib group has provided some excellent step by step instructions (with screen shots), demonstrating how to get Eclipse installed and configured to enable programming the roboRIO in Java. See:

Hope that helps.

That’s how I got it installed.

The problem started when I tried to use the Android programming IDE and the Eclipse IDE…

do you prefer java than c++

I’m not sure what caused the problem, but a possible workaround could be to create another user account on the computer that you use to program each robot. Install eclipse in one account and android studio in another account.

I’m not sure why Android Studio don’t run, but I can tell you they are compatible, I have them both installed and working on multiple computers.