Java Intellisense doesn't work

For some weird reason during the first comp our intellisense stopped working, which made it difficult to program. Does anyone know a solution to this?

Use IntelliJ instead of VSCode, which has a way better inference engine. The VSCode java plugin is not the most reliable thing in the world.

ctrl-shift-p >java: Clean Java Language Server Workspace


how good is the frc support for this though? it looks like the plugin for it is unofficial. is it just somewhat slower updates?

The plugin is quite well-maintained but also it’ll work fine even without it; the gradle support works seamlessly from the base IDE.

ahhh fancy. what about deploying?

You can do that with gradle commands in the terminal, or install the plugin.

very neat you’ve got me convinced

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well can confirm its a lot better. the code tips are actually useful. deploying is 3x faster (4s on intllij, 13 on vs code (may be shorter)) doesn’t pop the rio log up every time (should figure out how to open that though) I like it.


Deploying shouldn’t be changed at all, if it did, that’s coincidence. Deploys are handed by Gradle and are IDE agnostic.

hmm might be a first deploy thing vs later on deploys…

vs code first time 1m 2s. second time 2s
intellij first time 29s. second time 974ms
this is for building the code because I don’t have a robot to deploy to right now but still there’s some sort of difference.

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