Java OpenCV Questions

Hello. I am looking into more advanced vision processing methods and the one I really want to learn and figure out is OpenCV. The problem I am running into is that 99% of the documentation I have found regarding it is either C++ or python which I am not too familiar with so translating the code is difficult for me.

With that said, what would be some good examples/documents/videos… etc, regarding the usage of Java based OpenCV or something applicable that will teach me enough to start implementing vision systems with it ( Whether that be for FRC or just in general )?

I found that GRIP appears to be a good starting place since it auto-generates the actual processing code. However I wish to not be completely reliant on the software and have a proper understanding of what it is doing in order to make changes or make new systems. Plus it still requires setting up the cameras, receiving values, outputting the video feed on some GUI which I am completely lost on, so there is a lot to learn to even implement the most basic of GRIP.

I understand that question based threads on here should have specific questions being asked, but I am at the stage where I know so little on the subject that I cannot form a specific question, so all I can come up with is broad and vague information to get me on the right track.

Thank you for your time,

I have some simplistic examples of Java code that use OpenCV based on the 1% of the documentation that you found. If you can be specific about what aspect of OpenCV you are interested in I can share. I don’t have any AprilTag stuff and that’s been covered well recently. Maybe retroreflective tape? Face recognition? Perspective warping? Comparing images?

Here’s my team’s last year’s WPILIBRPI code that wasn’t intended for anyone to see so it’s a little rough. The identical code ran on the roboRIO except for the name of a couple of imports and methods that hadn’t been updated by WPILIB for 2022.

Thank you for this. Seeing it in use will definitely help in picking it apart and figuring out each chunk of the puzzle. Which looks like there are a lot more pieces than I excepted with 14 separate files. Got a lot of material to work with.

The main goal for using openCV compared to other options is I want to start doing game piece tracking. Being able to just lock onto a random object rather than specific tapes or tags should make auto routines WAY better.

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