Java photonvision error virtual machine

i recently installed photon vision on my computer but when i try to start it i get an error that says “A Java Exception has occurred”. i have searched the internet for a solution but everything i have tried has failed. there is no problem with my java version, it is the latest version. How can i solve it

You haven’t really given enough information for anyone to help.

What is the full message of the exception?
What version of Java do you have installed? You say the latest version, but that’s not what Photonvision says to install. Windows PC Installation - PhotonVision Docs
Why are you installing it on your computer? Most people install it on a Raspberry Pi or other co-processor to put on their robot.

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You haven’t provided enough information from the error, but the first thing I would do is make sure I’m running the right version of Java. As noted in the doc
@Joe_Ross linked, you need to be running (at least) version 11.

another common error for this is to make sure that the version you have on your coprocessor and the version displayed on your gradle should be the same! this was our problem and we had similar errors.