Java Programming BETA Webinar - TODAY

Greetings FRC Teams,

Team 610 - Crescent Robotics has been participating in the 2012 FRC Java Programming Beta process.
We would like to take the opportunity to share what we have learned with the FRC community at large.
We have scheduled a webinar to take place on Saturday, December 17th at 2:00pm.

You can participate in the webinar by visiting the following link:

The webinar broadcast will start shortly before 2:00pm on Saturday, and will run for approximately an hour, followed by a Q&A session…
The agenda for the webinar can be found at:

Thank you to all who participated live.

The Webinar has recorded, and an archive is available at the following link:

Thanks!! Turns out we are the only team around that is doing Java. This is a great help. Especcially since we are a rookie team.

Has the beta language officially been released? I ask because our team volunteered to do a seminar on Java at our kickoff, and we thought it would be nice to do a live programming demo of the most recent software.

They won’t be released until kickoff. More then likely, it will include more stuff related to the game then was included in the beta test (like the line tracking demo last year).

Any classes or functions that have been deprecated?

Our Java code from 2011 compiles fine under the new libraries, so none of the WPILib classes or methods we used disappeared. However there are some minor changes to the numbering of the slots in the cRIO to account for the new 4-slot version. I think this was the only major change in existing WPILib classes and methods that we noticed.

I noticed the SmartDashboard changed from all log() methods to putInt(), putDouble(), putBoolean(), ect.

however I went ahead and make my own post() methods to handle this in my DashBoard class.

The older log entry points should still be available in smart dashboard. Did you not find them?


They have been Deprecated. They are still there, but they are also still Deprecated.