Java SDK Question

I’v noticed that when in a robot project in NetBeans, it seems to use a more watered down version of java. I’d like to use classes like java.util.Map to aid in autonomous and other parts of code, is there a way to have a more complete java, or am i going to have to make my own Map class?


Ahh, reading up on some java PDFs on the WPI site answered my questions.

Squawk VM != Sun VM

Does squawk have anything like java.lang.reflect?

No, as you have discovered, the cRIO runs the Squawk JVM, which implements J2ME (as well as a small subset of J2SE). Reflectance is among the features that is not supported.

Note that although no java.util.Map is supplied, there is an implementation of java.util.Hashtable that will do the trick for you.