Java Simulator for FRC

I have seen multiple posts on ideas for how to use a ‘spare’ cRIO and other control system elements to create a breadboard for testing Java control code for FRC robots. However, has anyone developed a pure software FRC robot simulator? It would help for teaching new programmers and verifying software before committing it to the robot.

What has been developed so far?


Floyd Moore
Team 997 Mentor.

For testing code, we can come up with what should theoretically work by using Python. I know this year we used it to simulate what the speed controllers would theoretically output if passed joystick values (x,y,z). It is not a simulation because there could be mechanical problems, or other software issues. Yet, it is pretty reliable when testing algorithms and such.

I hope I helped. I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but it is a way to “simulate” certain robot actions.

I sorta made something using pygame, but its too ugly to release :frowning: