(Java) Team 3310 Black Hawk Robotics Code Release - 2015

Here is the Java code release for our robot, WarHawk, for the 2015 season. We had an originally 4-axis but then 3-axis robotic arm that we used to maneuver the game objects.

Inside the zip file, there is a PDF file detailing the functionality and design of the arm, as well as the source itself.

Here are some of the highlights of our robot:
• Motion profile planning provided coordinated control for the 3-axis “industrial” robot arm.
• Forward and inverse kinematics transformed robot arm joint angles to XYZ coordinates and vice versa.
• Cascading control loops dedicated for each axis - outer loop on RoboRIO, inner loop on Talon SRX.
• Teleop tote stacking operation ran autonomously with operator “supervision”.
• Operator had ability to pause stacking operation at any time, make corrections, and resume cycle.
• Robot arm command list architecture allowed fast and flexible scheduling of commands.

2015 Team 3310 Release.zip (574 KB)

2015 Team 3310 Release.zip (574 KB)

Props to you guys - that industrial arm was absolutely beautiful to watch on Newton, not just the design but the motion profiling and the rest of the software was great. Thank you for releasing this, it will be fun to read over the next few days!