Java this year?

Any teams are going to use Java this year?

Are there any teams that are going to SVR Kickoff that are going to use Java Programming for the 2010 Season?


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My team is going to use Java.
I am good friends with the programmers on my team, this is going to be their fourth year.
They think it is really funny how they have used a different code language each year for the past 3 years haha

The only code I know by heart is HTML…I kinda wish I could help them.
y team only has 2 programmers. We got a few freshman interested this year, but now they just have to learn.

As the programming lead, I finally sat down and looked over all the “new” technology for this year, and basically came to the conclusion that the potential misunderstandings, bugs, and general hair-pulling made it not worth it to transition to Java from C++/WPIlib (which can, with a small amount of hacking, reliably do everything we need to do)

My team is using Java this year. We spent about an hour and ported last year’s code to Java, and it has been stable so far.

I think our team is planning on useing java since one of our mentors knows java very well.

We’re up in the air about it currently… the students have a class at school that is taught in Java, so that would make the most sense… however depending on what we want to do for the game we may decide to stick with C++ for the performance boost. Lets just say i’ve had a few bad experiences with Java performance since i started programming. Actually come to think about it… they didn’t even have Java back then!

My gut tells me that a lot of teams will use Java, due to the simple fact that most comp sci programs these days place a heavy emphasis on it. Using it on the robotics team goes well with programming classes schools run, and it can serve as a good introduction before college. Plus, some of the more complicated things (like memory allocation, if you’re getting really complicated) are generally easier with Java. But one thing everyone has to keep in mind - Java is a runtime language, while C++ is a compile time language. That means C++ is optimized for your device when you compile it, while Java incurs a performance overhead from the virtual environment. They’ve made huge strides in minimizing this overhead, but it is still there.