Java to LabView

Our team is trying to use the Play/Record Macro setup by Teams 2220 and 4009, which is a great help, and thank you for releasing.

Our problem is, our team uses LabView. I’m sure there’s a way to either “port” java’s code into LabView, or maybe even call for the code in LabView, but I’m not sure how to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Team 3072

I haven’t looked at the original code, but it sounds like it may be easiest to load the .csv file as an array and loop through the entries setting the motors at the appropriate times. I’d think that this would make sense in a periodic task loop.

I’ll be happy to help with it if needed.

Greg McKaskle

I have pushed the Mavericks 2252 Auto Recording to Github under our team, about a year ago. It was going to be an off season project to understand it, and take a look at it’s features.

We never made it…

The code is available here…

I am sure it was talked about here on CD, probably better to search here for 2252, and see if there is updates for this year, as the code that was pushed was for last year.

(although I would think it is much the same for the auto-record and playback)