Java - VS Code - Mindsensor Libraries

Has anyone had any luck importing the Mindsensor libaries in VS Code?

I went to the Mindsensor website and the libraries are still v2017, without an offline setup file.

I am suspecting that a JSON file is needed for the VS Code Library import, but am not 100% positive.

Any help would be appreciated… Thanks… :slight_smile:

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Wondering the same. Mindensors seems to have no guidance. And the link from the 3rd party libraries page ( ) is to the old Mindsensors blog post from 2017 and there are no other updates from Mindsensors for the 2019 season.

I’m sure we could get the Mindsensor SD540C motor controller to work with the 2019 build system but would be nice if someone had already done it and can provide some guidance.

Did you get it working? Team 1310 would also like to be using this Mindsensors library.

No luck… :frowning: I ended up ordering a Blinkin LED driver from Rev Robotics…

From what I am reading, it connects to the PWM and you can use the Spark libraries to declare it, then control it by sending over various voltages into the driver… It’s more expensive than the Mindsensor, but I think it may actually provide more options. Plus with it using the Spark libraries, chances are the code will stay up to date with FRC and WPI…