JC Penney Grant

Hey FRC teams. My name is Anthony Thompson and I just started this team in Roseville, Ca. I was hoping that someone knew how to apply for the JCP Grant.

Contact your Regional Director for assistance;)

For Northern California you have Jim Beck and Ken Mitchell. Look for their emails at the source.

Source: http://www.usfirst.org/regional-contacts

A bunch of teams around here have applied for and gotten them. We are trying to get one, but unless Penny changes the way they give them out we might not get it. Basically Penny prefers to apply the grant to a team near one of their stores. There are stores near us, but other teams that got the grant before us are closer to the stores and that did’nt leave any Penny locations for us. I’ve heard Penny might change this, this coming year…but am not sure.

We were selected for a jcp grant for the 2013 season. Here is the text from the email:

The “partnership” which was previously maintained by the team and store is no longer a requirement. If a jcpenney store has established a relationship with a local team that they wish to continue on their own, that is completely up to them on a local and voluntary basis

I remember this past year, JC Penney grants were given to rookies if they were x miles away from a branch.

Contact Jim or Ken, both are very kind and easy to work with. They’ll for sure point you in the right direction, they also are the ones that work with JCP to hand out the grants.


When you apply, remember the name is spelled Penn***e***y.


Your Regional Directors and Senior Mentors received notification there will be NO Rookie jcpenney grants this year. jcpenney has, on their own accord, ceased its relationship with FIRST in favor of reallocating its community giving budget in other areas and to other causes. While this is somewhat of a blow to FIRST, we do recognize and thank jcp for their support we have all enjoyed over the years.

In lieu of the expected support that FIRST teams have come to enjoy, jcp did make a one time, last time grant to FIRST that will be used as follows:

· Any jcpenney-sponsored team who in the 2012 season received a rookie grant for $6,500, will be awarded a 2nd year grant in 2013 for $2,000.
· Any jcpenney-sponsored team who in the 2012 season received a 2nd year grant for $2,000, will be awarded a 3rd year grant in 2013 for $1,000.
· Those (now) 4+ year jcpenney-sponsored teams who received $1,000 in 2012 will NOT be provided with any additional funding in 2013.

There will be NO specific rookie team engagement this year. With the dollars that remain for distribution, FIRST will maintain a generous “save” pool which may later be used to help sustain/save a limited number of FRC veteran teams or potentially help support a rookie’s registration fee. (Keep in mind that for rookies we would focus priority on underserved or all girls FRC teams as this too has historically been important to jcpenney.)

The “save” pool will be on a case by case basis and my guess is your RDs will more than likely have a say in its distribution. Any questions should be directed to your Regional Director or Senior Mentor.