JC Penny expand their support for FIRST Robotics !!!!!

I think we have at least 4 teams here in the St. Louis area sponsored by JC Penney.



I’ve seen a very large amount of teams sponsored by JC Penny. I think it’s great! The website says they have sponsored over 500 teams this year.

how much did they give each team?

JC Penny is proudly listing that they are sponsoring some of the competitions also.

If you really want to honor the sponsor make sure you check that you have spelled their name correctly.

We appreciate the support we have recieved from JCP. They provided us with money, t-shirts, stickers and a banner to hang in the pit.

The manager at the local store has shown interest in sponsoring us again and helping with a fund raiser.

JC Penney has been a great sponsor for 5 teams here in the Inland Empire. Not only did they provide money, but it was unrestricted so teams could spend it as they saw fit.

They have also provided build space for team 3500 opening up one of their conference rooms in the store so the team had a place to build.

Offering tshirts and other promotional material free to the teams.

Offering additional fundraising opportunities with the store, including a fundraising BBQ with one of the teams.

Inviting teams to a community outreach event at their store where the team can participate in a community science day sponsored by the store.

Arranged for team 3295 to be interviewed for CNN Headline News.

The Inland Empire teams love the support we have received from JC Penney

I believe the new teams sponsored by JCP are receiving their initial registration fees paid for and additional events (MSC and World Championship) if the qualify for them paid for. This is an excellent sponsorship and I would like to see other sponsorships that are incentive based.

This year, we are sponsored by JCPenney. They have been so wonderful sponsoring the $6500 kit of parts/registration as well as providing T-Shirts (and more of that kind of stuff), and even organizing some fundraisers! They’ve been there whenever we’ve needed them. The people there are really excited about FIRST. :slight_smile:

Also, they allowed us to do a demo outside of their store this weekend:


JC Penney is sponsoring many teams in CT. We are proud to have them join the FIRST community.

For those of you who received one of the $1,000 Grants from JCPenny’s, can anyone tell me what size their logo must be on our robot?

Does anyone know how to go about being sponsored by JCPenney? Do they have a formal application or is there a link?

I heard one of my students won $600 in their booth during the championships. I can guarantee we won’t be wearing those t-shirts. I don’t think Xerox would appreciate it much.

I love the artwork on the JCP shirts.

I would love to see JCPenney spend the next 5 or so months helping the teams they funded sustain themselves with or without the help of JCP.

Also, if JCP is reading this, Team 422 would <3 some extra money. :smiley:

Our regional director arranged for the JC Penneys funding for the teams in our area. I believe that each individual store donates to their closest team, within a specified distance. The manager of our store, when she came to visit our team, mentioned about having fundraisers at the store over the summer.

And the t-shirts are nice but we didn’t wear them either as our official shirt. I don’t think that was a requirement.

I know there has been a lot of criticism about JCP only giving money, but I think we need to be careful we don’t kill the goose. If all JCP hears back from the teams are Why aren’t you doing more to help us?, the money may disappear. One corporation can’t do everything. Teams should be proactive and helping themselves, not just sitting back and waiting for help.

For those who didn’t know, Penney was the last name of the founder, and not the coin!

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. formally announced in February the introduction of a new image and logo featuring an all lower case name: jcpenney. The initials JCP are also represented as their lower case version “jcp.”

As we try to properly represent FIRST with name and logo, we should try to do the same for jcpenney.

If the teams work with their sponsoring store and invite them to demos and local competitions, I’m sure there will be some employees or relatives of employees who become interested in mentoring or providing other support. No one sells FIRST better than engaged students driving around a cool robot!

This year we, Team 1912, got a call from our local JCPenney store saying they wanted to sponsor us. They sent us $1000, a banner and shirts. Two of their managers came to visit us during a build session and have invited us to demo in the store. Most people told us that they only wanted to sponsor rookie teams but this is our sixth year. But, hey, we are glad to have their sponsorship anyway!

The JCP booth at the Championship was passing out cards with a website to (I think) an online application to apply for sponsorship of next season. Does anyone have that link/addrerss? Thanks!

JC Penney did the money grab machine at champion ships, I know there is another thread about that but here is a video one of our team members that got $1000 for 1730.