jcpenney's money box

I was wondering if any of the teams that participated in it, have you received the email about when and how the money is to be given?


As posted in the other JC Penney thread it is really important to spell the company’s name correctly.

Hmmm… since jcpenney is correct (as I explained in the other thread), which of you is further off? The one who capitalized and spaced it properly, or the one who put the “e” in the right place? :rolleyes:

Appears I havent looked at jcp’s logo use guidelines since doing t-shirts in January when JCPenney was correct. Cynette is correct apparently it is now jcpenney (not a big fan of all lower case but if that is what the company wants then so be it.)

Press release can be found here

Here is a video of one of our team members in the money box.
Team Driven 1730

I agree! As a stock holder, we were told that it made the company seem more youthful and trendier. As a distant relative of Mr. James Cash Penney, I pictured the old guy rolling over in his grave…they did WHAT to my name?!? :yikes:

Whoops my mistake on missing the second e. I was rushing to post a quick message since we have not received an email about how the money will be dispersed.