JCPenny and the Salvation Army giving tree 2011

JCPenny has started a new giving program, the The Salvation Army giving tree for 2011.

From their website:


The Salvation Army and jcpenney have joined forces to offer online angel adoptions. We hope to reach more children, teens and seniors in need than ever before with the help of generous hearts like yours.

This year, you have the option of adopting an angel as an individual or as a group. Adopting angels as a group allows your company, church, civic club or online community to adopt more than 10 angels together. Just choose “find a group” to search for existing groups, or choose “create a group” before selecting your angels(s). This way your angel adoption will count toward your group’s adoption goal.

Thanks for participating in The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree Online presented by jcpenney. The joy of giving has never been easier.

If you or your club haven’t planned out your holiday “helping others” strategy, here is a chance to partner up with one of robotics newest and bigger supporters.

Thanks JCPenny!

Please people, when you are talking about one of our valued sponsors, do try to spell the name right. JCPenney. (Capitals evidently optional.)

3929 has decided to get involved in this. The students learned about it today and were very excited to participate :slight_smile:

“You must spread reputation …”

Here is our update

Great work to anyone who participated this holiday season. We will be raising money for this again next year.