JCPenny Sponsorships?


Hi CD,
I was wondering if anyone whose team has a JCPenny sponsorship could tell me how you went about getting it. I saw that they sponsor both rookies and veterans and was wondering if there was anywhere I could get specific info on applying for a grant for next year. I found the page on their site about FIRST:, but it doesn’t explain how to apply for one. Are they still doing grants for the 2013 season or was it just a thing they did for a few years? I may just go into a store and ask to talk to a manager, but if there’s anything we need to apply for online it would be great to be aware!

Also, I was wondering if anyone knows what team had a fundraiser at the JCPenny in West Hartford, CT today. My grandma said she saw a table outside with people in FIRST shirts. Great idea whoever it was!



So the current team I mentor, FRC 4096 - Ctrl-Z is a team sponsored by JCPenney, and is one of the 10 teams in Illinois sponsored by a JCPenney/4-H Partnership. The two organizations have partnered together to sponsor quite a few number of teams in the state.

JCPenney (nationally) has basically committed to trying to open up as many teams (FRC/FTC) where they have a store. However, it took a while for our store to realize who we were. I think the General Manager was going through some issues.

But your best contact would be your local 4-H County Office. Looking at their website, I can’t find much on STEM or Robotics. While you may not be able to get it through them, you can always try and talk to your local JCPenney store.

As a side bonus, you can try to work on getting 4-H Connecticut to pump up their STEM and robotics program :smiley:

Good Luck!


JC Penney offers the most grants in FRC. You should contact your Regional Director for information.


And don’t forget to spell their name correctly when you apply!