jeffrafa LOVES dOnUtS

yeah this has been going on for a while… :stuck_out_tongue:

And the award for the post that makes the least sense to the CD community goes to…



I vote that he gets the award for the most posts that make the least sense [edit] in the past few days [/edit].

and at his post count of 5 who can dissagree!?!? =D

You do realize that if this is an inside joke on your team that none of us here are going to understand it?

If you have the urge to post a (clean) inside joke here so others from your team will laugh you should put it in your sig that way it keeps the forums organized and not cluttered up. A random thread like this just wastes people’s time especially when out of 6800 members only 5 have any clue about it.

Well you see, jeffrafa loves donuts. I think the message is clear. :wink:

If it is an inside joke then i would expect at least me, of all people, to get it.
I happen to be in the dark over the meaning of the comment as well …