Jello Playing Field

Well we all know that Dave Lavery has been pushing for a Jello based game, but what exactly would the jello have to do. Would we be like scooping it up and dumping it into container like goals or something?

The robot has to make, chill and then consume a 100 gallon vat of jello.

Have the Hp’s eat it!!! (I WOULD LOVE!!! TO BE THE HP IF THAT HAPPENS!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

Bonus points to the team who does it without spoons.

but can make their own whipped cream!

And get aluminum slivers and axle greese in your digestive system?

aluminum slivers, and grease… sounds like eating pizza after working on the robot…mmmmmm

A team may automatically win for making one color jello to match the color of the other 5 robots on the field, then serving it to the MC of the competition.