Jelsoft copyright missing

It seems the Jelsoft copyright and the vBulletin version have been removed from the footer.

If my memory serves correctly, Jelsoft’s license bot checks for these as they are required.

If for some reason you have lost this information

It should read

vBulletin® v3.6.4, Copyright ©2000-2018, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.


You wouldn’t download a VBulletin.

Weird, I’ll check it out.

Should be back … made a mistake editing something last night.

The version number is sill missing.
Might want to check it’s not being cut off

Version is not required.

Your footer must contain at least the following text and must not be masked by color or images:

Powered by vBulletin®
Copyright ©2000-2008 Jelsoft Enterprises Limited.


Awesome then.

Yes, Version # not required, but at least 4 other “public” ways to get it - nevermind the licencing check endpoint.