Jerusalem off-season

Will the matches be posted on the blue alliance? i would love to watch the finals matches!

F1 at least is here World High Score Infinite Recharge 376 (352 unpenalized) Jerusalem Off Season 1690, 3339, 5715 - YouTube


The matches will be uploaded in a couple of days

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Here’s the breakdown on The Blue Alliance. 97 points in auto, 55 Power Cells during telop, and a perfect triple climb!

(However, to score 55 PCs, since they missed one early on, that means they had at least one 6 cell volley in the match to make up the difference…)


Q52 scored 309 unpenalized with a full powerhouse alliance: Quals 52 - Jerusalem Off-Season 2021 - The Blue Alliance


looking at the video of this match - there are several cycles of 4 powercells (mainly 3339). I did not find a cycle of 6. Did I miss it?

I believe 1690 also set the world record for amount of power cells by a single robot in a match at 54 in Finals 2, where the red alliance could have scored 389 but they botched the climbs

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I miscounted the number of cycles.