JETFIN Innovations - New Supplier of Custom HTD/GT2 Pulleys and More!

Hello all,

I’d like to announce the launch of a new product line by a new supplier, JETFIN Innovations - custom, affordable HTD/GT2 pulleys!

I noticed around 5 years ago the extreme usefulness that could be gained from having custom pulleys for HTD/GT2 belts for different robotics applications, but few options exist for those without the time, money, and dedication required to manufacture your own. While a few small steps were made in pulley manufacturing while working with the Bomb Squad (FRC 16), we began real custom pulley manufacturing for Lights Out, FRC team 323 in 2017. Back when we started, it was widely thought of as unfeasible to 3D print pulleys, but year over year of reliable operation told us that it was worth it. Unfortunately, our team has gone dormant, but I am looking for ways to be able to possibly fund it into existence again, including selling our custom pulleys.

These pulleys are optimized for use in FRC, which includes a low price tag. They are 3D printed out of high impact polycarbonate or nylon with solid construction, have externally rounded hex bore corners optimized to reduce stress concentrations without impacting the ability to insert standard hex shaft, and include features for ease of assembly like chamfered edges at the ends of the hex holes. Pulleys are available in sizes ranging between 14 teeth and 84 teeth with 3/8" hex, 1/2" hex, and 1 7/8" bolt circle mounting patterns using 5 mm pitch, 9 mm width HTD/GT2 profile teeth. The most exciting feature is that custom or new bore designs, pulley widths, or tooth profiles can be produced upon request, sometimes within a day, as we have developed nearly automated routines for 3D model generation and have streamlined cloud-based printing capabilities to churn out parts on demand.

Here is a photo of a couple custom pulleys produced this season for FRC 5006:

Please see currently available product options here:

Please note that pulleys are produced upon request which may take a few days depending on availability and demand.

Also, stay tuned for more product releases - there may even be a service available in the future to turn your robot design into a miniature scale model or ear rings! :slight_smile:

John Taylor Novak
Owner - JETFIN Innovations, LLC
Alumni of FRC 16, Mentor of FRC 323 and 5006, FTC 7572


Our next product release is a little different - custom robot earrings and scale model robot designs. All you need to do is supply a .step or other 3D model of your robot and we can miniaturize it for you and send back as many as you’d like. The initial set will cost $50, with each additional set costing just $18.

Check it out here:


Hella sick, JT! Stoked to see where JETFIN goes!


Thanks, @Andrew_L! We are, too!

A small side note: Engineering drawings for the different pulley sizes have been added to the product pages. See an example for the 1/2" hex bore pulley below:


Is it possible to add an option to have a slot for 3dp hub inserts? It seems like they aren’t made for use for rounded hex, which a lot of teams use.

If you add a slot for inserts it makes it much more accessible for teams as a lot of teams use rounded hex, and it increases the durability of the bore by a lot.


Are you referring to this component? If so, yes that is possible. We can release another line with that profile soon. They can be designed to use a press fit that can easily be done in an arbor press or vise if that’s most desirable.

Upon further inspection, Rev’s MAXSpline and MAXHubs seems like the perfect fit for this. As such, a new pulley design has been released to be compatible with both products to add compatibility to the MAXSpline ecosystem as well as rounded hex shafts with the use of an appropriate MAXHub.

Sizes are available ranging from 28 teeth to 84 teeth. We should be able to test fitment for these soon and upload real product images and engineering drawings once they’re ready.

@howlongismyname If you’re able to make an account on our site and DM me the name and/or email attached, we’d like to offer you a few free pulleys (up to $25 worth) for your great suggestion!



The spline looks really nice! The hex hubs from wcp/rev are what I’m mentioning. Do note that both ttb and wcp sell different profiles.

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Something like this? We modeled a bore for it, as well, but tend to favor the REV design for its ability to work with both splines and a variety of hex shaft sizes with a hex bore across the entire pulley width with hubs that can easily be removed and used on different size pulleys to suit teams’ needs. However, parts that fit the WCP/VEX hubs can be released later this evening.

EDIT: Here is the purchase link for the WCP/Vex insert pulley!


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