Jetson Nano power

Has any one used Jetson nano on their robot. We use a usb power bank to power it through micro usb and also 5v2a output from VRM to the GPIO pins. However, in the field with three cameras on Nano, it got sudden reboot sometimes.

5V 2A is very tight for a Jetson Nano powering 3 cameras. I recommend you use a separate voltage converter like this one connected on a “standard” output on the PDP and the barrel jack on the Nano.

This post on NVidia forum gives a good summary of power supply consideration for the Nano.

Using power for the PDP is probably the best solution.

In the competition, we finally solved the problem by switching our USB battery bank from one with 5V 2.1A output to another one with 5V 2.4A output.

Another solution may be to run the Nano at 5W mode, but our vision code runs way too slowly with 5W.

I’ll report back here with results, but at the moment we plan to use the following parts to power the Jetson via 2 ports of a USB battery bank in parallel:

Battery Bank
USB To Barrel Jack Adapter
Barrel Jack Splitter (wired in parallel)
Technically these cables are COTS and no one port can supply more than 2.5A. It’s just a question of if the battery bank can/will supply full current to both ports at once to allow us to run in MAXN mode.

This might be helpful.

For our second week we are using PDP power, which is much more stable than USB power (no random rebooting anymore).

The 2 USB ports wired in parallel to the barrel jack seem to work great for running the Jetson Nano in MaxN mode

We’re using one of these step-down boards: , a higher current version of the board we discovered in the zebracorn’s white paper: .
Input to the Pololu board comes from a PDP breaker; 5A is plenty.

Be sure to read the Jetson docs: unlike say an arduino, it needs a jumper to switch from micro-usb power to the coaxial barrel jack.

My team uses the Anker PowerCore 5000 due to its lightweight and ability to power our Jetson Nano while running two cameras.

At least in our case, we have determined that the issue with the Jetson Nano randomly rebooting is either due to a faulty battery pack (we ordered 4 of these battery packs, with one turning out to be faulty) or the use of a USB to Micro USB B cable that can not keep up with passing 5V @ 2A. Again, we are only running two cameras, and the addition of a third in your case may exceed the power that can be provided through the Jetson’s Micro USB B cable.

If you are looking to power it through the barrel jack, you can power it through a converter / step-down board as other teams have said above. This is the converter that we used to use (it also has a USB port for providing power to another peripheral such as an ethernet switch) Drok DC 5~36V to 1.25~32V 5A 75W CC-CV Adjustable Voltage Regulator/USB Charger/Power Adapter/Switch Power Supply + Voltmeter. If powering through the barrel jack do not forget to buy a jumper to connect pins J48 which toggles between the USB’s 5V @ 2A mode and the Barrel’s 5V @ 4A mode. Page 6 of PDF