Jetson power wiring

Hi all, we are trying to power our jetson TX1 with our robot, we connected it to the VRM 12V/2A and it didnt boot (the power leds is on).
We need to amplify the current, we understand that we need 6-19V/4.74A - how can we get that amount of current? OR is there another way to power it up?
We saw all the other post on CD but we wanted to know what you guys ended up doing.

Thanks in advance!

Look for a Boost Converter that can handle the desired voltage and current. Plug that into an open PDP channel.

Plug it into the PDP. Plenty of current there.

Please dont, the Jetson probably wants a clean voltage input. The PDP outputs are quite noisy…

We had success with the following voltage regulator last year and will be using it again this year -

Aha looks good but it’s gives you 12A - 14A, is it ok?

In fact you want a higher current rating, as the Jetson will only pull as much as it needs. We had issues with the Jetson shutting down because the input voltage dipped too much while powering on. Page 12 of the OEM design guide goes over this if you are curious. Basically if the input voltage drops by 20%, it will shutdown. A stronger supply will prevent this.

We initially used a weaker supply, but this one worked for us.

Great, thanks everyone!

We plug our Jetson TX1 into the PDP with this booster which works excellent. We found it in Team 900’s guide for Jetson TX1.