Jetson TK1 Network Tables with Opencv and C++.

Hi. My team is using C++ on the Jetson TK1. When trying to use ntcore to communicate with the roborio, it appears that it requires a version of “gdb” that the TK1 can’t support. I’ve found pynetworktables, which seems far easier, but unfortunately all of our vision code is in C++. Do any of you guys have any experience with this? I really appreciate the help.


Are you sure it needs gdb? gdb is a debugger.
I searched the ntcore source and did not find any reference to gdb.

It says I need gdb when installing the frc-toolchain which is required for ntcore. Thanks for the response.

The frc-toolchain is a cross compiler for an intel host to build arm code for the roborio.
If you want to install ntcore on the Jetson, you just need to install gcc from the ubuntu repository for the Jetson, and compile ntcore for the Jetson.
Then you can use ntcore on the Jetson to communicate to the ntcore running on the roborio.

Look into Serial. Personally I used Python for OpenCV on the Tegra for the sole reason of PiNetworkTables, as it works extremely well and is very compatible on both sides. If you are dedicated to C++, which is a side I could argue for as well, Serial is fast but can be a little bit of a pain. There are plenty of resources for Tegra Serial. The RIO also supports Serial in its own way. It will take some research and time to get working but Serial will be faster than Ethernet hands down. If you are interested in the Python path I would be happy to help you with that