Jetson TK1 not working

Hi, I got a Jetson tk1 and when I try to power it up. It will turn on for a brief second, the fan spins and the power led blinks for a brief second.

Here is a video of this happening video sorry for the vertical filming.

It’s likely dead. Sorry for the bad news.

Even if it wasn’t, the TK1 is largely unsupported these days and you would be much better off with a Jetson Nano if you can get one.

Well I got it for 20 bux and I already have a tx2 but I still want to use this tk1 for something just for fun. So I fount the problem. By turning it on and off and touching around I burned myself and found this component is getting like over 100c. Now I just need to find what it is and replace it.

Maybe some sort of voltage regulator?

I will be buying two of these because the one above it in the picture is also burned.
Im gona have lots of fun soldering these.

These need hot air reworking

Hey guys, I fixed it.

Here is a video for anyone that encounters the same problem and want to know how to fix their Jetson tk1 that powers up for half a second then shuts off.


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