Jetson TK1 Power Jack

Hey CD,

During one of our preseason meetings, one of our students knocked our Jetson TK1 off the worktable and screwed up the power jack. We can get power to flow by holding the power adapter at a strange angle, but obviously this is unacceptable when it is mounted on the robot. I have done some research and have to come to two possible solutions.

  1. Order a new thru-hole power jack and re-solder it onto the board. I need the exact part number, or similar one for this, and a source for it.

  2. Solder power wires directly onto the pads on the board bypassing the power jack completely. (Relatively unsafe, and need to reinforce connection for use on robot)

If anyone can provide a part number for the barrel jack, that would be greatly appreciated. Any other suggestions are welcomed as well.


I’ve done a lot of jobs like this. I produce some music on the side, and a lot of the gear I buy from people is used/broken. Luckily, the datasheets have the info I need. Going off that info, in my opinion, your best bet it to probably check the datasheet.

Good Luck!

Did you inspect it? Did it crack the the structure or did it break and/or rip a track off the board? You may be able to just reheat and solder the existing connector.

If your going to use it on the bot don’t replace it with the OEM just solder a wire whip on and use your own connector as long as you never over volt it.

@amesmich, I have found the schematics, but it only lists the power jack as a power adapter, doesn’t provide me with a part name and #. Thanks though.

@21brownz, This is option we’re going with. I found this guy’s guide, and we’re following it. Thanks for the suggestion!