Jetson TK1

So my team has a jetson.

Anyone know where to put it on the PDP or the VRM?

The TK1 requires a 12v power source (2A is plenty in our experience) and is considered a custom circuit and can be connected to 12v power according to the manual per the rules for custom circuits.

nvidia Jetson?
If it runs on USB power and is not controlling robot actions directly, you can plug it into the roboRio.

Many teams use small computers like beagleboards to do on-robot processing, then send the data back to the driver station or the roboRio.

The Jetson TK1 requires a 12v power source and will not run off of a 500mA USB Port.

So 12V 2A on the VRM?

That will work. Don’t plug it in backwards. I was actually looking for any rules about connecting custom circuits to the VRM but I cannot find it. Perhaps someone else can take a look and comment.

According to the head programmer, it takes 4.6 amperes, I’ll have to check the game manual, but I think 2 should work


Can confirm 2A works just fine. Used it last year. Also did extensive measurements before doing it.

Yeah, my team also used the 12V@2A port from the VRM without any problems.

Thanks guys! All my problems are solved!