JeVois Power Cell Vision Tracking

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone had done any vision tracking for the Arduino JeVois for the 2020 FRC Game piece and vision targets. I just started setting up my camera and will try to post any advancements I make here.


Yes, I’m trying to do some vision targets for the shooter, but I have difficulty with the detection of the retroreflective tape. Where are you in your progress?


In terms of tracking the power cells, a good starting place would be the hsv blob tracker that comes with the default Jevois image. If you properly tune the hsv values of this module to the yellow of the power cells, you should get decent results.

As for tracking the vision targets, I’d recommend reading this thread.

I try the code for the vision targets, but he doesn’t see anything at all, just black. I try to tune it, but it still doesn’t work.

What is the name of the module you are running?

I try the module in the whitepaper of team 2073, the EagleTracker, but it doesn’t work

In order to help, I’m going to need more information. How are you connecting to your camera? Are you using Jevois Inventor?

This more than likely means the proper HSV values haven’t been tuned yet.

Tuning the HSV values can be tricky. How are you illuminating the vision tape? Are you using an LED ring light? If you can provide pictures of your camera setup, and maybe a screenshot of what your camera stream looks like, it will be easier to help you get up and running.

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