JeVois won't send USB Serial Data to one roboRIO but sends to a different one

We are using a JeVois Camera to send data to be used for alignment. We tested the connection on a separate roboRIO and it sends fine, but when plugging it in the same way to the roboRIO on our competition bot, it does not work. I’d appreciate any help given.

Are you using the same USB cable? Some teams (us) initially used a power only USB, so there was no data connection.

I believe we have properly set up two USB cables for it, one for power and one for data.

Probably unrelated but our vision mentor had some issues that seemed to be fixed by powering the jevois after the RIO and Rpi. We were powering it from a small power bank, so it just meant attaching that last.

Anything could be the fix at this point so I will try that. Thanks!

That seems abnormal. Are you using the UART port on it as a seperate “USB”? Our team this year is only using the USB port, for both data and power.

The reason JeVois needs a USB Y cable (the double end used for power + data, and the single end just used for power) is because draws more current then USB 2.0 ports are rated for. So unless the USB ports on the RoboRio are 3.0 (in which case they do provide enough current to run JeVois off of one cable), JeVois must be powered using both ends of a USB Y cable.

We need the usb Y cable to fully power it just like @hamac2003 said. Double end goes in to roboRIO and single end goes into a separate power source, in our case we use a usb hub.

Yes, I checked back with my team and we do splice in the 5V 2A source into the cable.

However, what we’ve done is placed a short USB extender, plugged it into the Rio, and panel mounted the female USB end right next to it. That extended had the power spliced in, so I never realized they had done that. I figured it was just an added layer of protection for the Rio.