Jideco Motor Spec's (wanted)

The “spec” for the Jideco motor, in upate #2, was kind of thin: i.e. there was NO information about current/torque curves.

Anyone have that information?


This is what I have learned from Jideco.

The motor was used on a Legacy (Honda? Subaru? I don’t know). The motor is out of production now. It should still be available from Service Parts.

It has an internal circuit breaker which will break at 15A in 6-8 seconds.

There are 2 performance data given

At 14.5V:
Free Speed: 91 RPM (min)
Free Current: 3 Amps (max)
Stall Torque: 9.6N-m +1.8N-m / -1.2N-m
Stall Current: 24 Amps (max)

At 13.5V:
Free Speed: 85 RPM (min)
Free Current: 3 Amps (max)
Stall Torque: 8.3N-m +1.5N-m / -1.0N-m
Stall Current: 21 Amps (max)

Joe J.

P.S. Using my handy dandy FIRST Motor Calc spreadsheet, I have quickly calculated that at 12V, the peak power of these motors is just over 14W – not too high but it could be useful for a lot of slow speed applications (opening doors, locking hooks, etc.).