Jideco motors wanted for trade

Hello all,

Team 121 would like to trade for a left and right handed Jideco window motor.

We also need the two small 20 tooth 5 mm pitch timing pullys included in the kit.

We can trade anything from the pneumatics kit. Also if you need something else in tradewe could discuss it.

Please email a response to gabrielgm@npt…nuwc.navy.mil

We will be at the New York City and New England regionals, or we could work out some sort of shipping arrangement…

Thanks alot, and best of luck!!

would trade the jidcoes
for the pnuematic compressor

email me


we would trade for fisher price motors ASAP

Have you tried power wheels dealer, ours had them in stock $18 bucks each this years and last years. B.T.W. use the numbers on the motor the ones that FIRST gives out don’t seem to reference to anything there

By the way we didn’t use the window motors or the little pullys this year so you can have ours, hmm what do we want

Drill Motors, Servos, Small Flange Mounted Bearings,

Do you have any of these?


My team will give them too you for free just email me your address. All we ask in return is a team shirt from you.

We have recieved many generous offers from other teams.


Our team leader (gabrielgm@npt.nuwc.navy.mil) is still sorting through all of the rsponses, as well as catching up on some much needed rest. It may be a few days until he responds with information about a trade.

Best of luck to all teams out there!!

Robert Zeuge

Thanks to all that kindly offered to help. Our thanks to Team 497 are providing a set and they needed a compressor we didn’t.

Best of luck to all in the competition.

PS here’s one of the first pictures of our machine. Seems to work pretty well. Good fast thresher (the new Fisher Price motors drive the belt) and dump. We dump the balls by lifting the back edge of those slats using the window motors and the 1/2inch drive belt. When the back goes up the slats make a ramp and the balls roll out (usualy come out in one big impressive bunch). Doesn’t look like it but it holds 29 balls. We use two drill and two Atwoods for 4 wheel drive. Good speed, not the fastest but very controlable and a good ballance of push/pull power. Think it shoud take a hit and keep on ticking. New York is our first stop so we’ll see.