Jig for cutting and drilling MK4i swerve tread...what does your team use?

I have the template from SDS for the cutting and drilling of the tread, but I wanted to see some of the fixtures other teams created and how well they worked before we make one. What ya got?

Triple helix has an amazing jig made, that’s what we use on our team. I will try to link the thread.

We 3d printed a jig which interfaced with a punch similar to this one (McMaster-Carr). Seemed to clear the holes better then drilling them.

Can you please post your file for that? I’m looking to improve our tread cutting since we are changing things up this year.

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SDS MK4 swerve wheel tread jigs – Triple Helix Robotics here is the link for triple helix!


I posted it here: FRC MK4I Tread Template by Wack_a_mole_will - Thingiverse

Use/Print at your own risk, last year we made some modifications to the printed part but I forget what they were,

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Hey, by any chance were you guys able to find the latest model you use for your serve jigs? We tried your model, as well as making our own from the dimensions from SDS, but neither worked.

SDS Mk4 Tread Drill Jig

It’s that time of year once again. Does anyone have a jig that they love for making for MK4i wheels?

Thank you!

I just finished testing Rev 1 of a new tread cutting die, and results are very promising. I’ll post more when I’m done with Revisions.

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Any update?

I have been busy at meetings, so a full post will have to wait, but…

I’m working on a punch die that makes an entire tread in one action. The die is an aluminum block with 5 mm hole punch tips from sailrite, and rule die blades, I’ll release my CAD and a full write up once I have a chance to do final validation and take more pictures.