JLS Automation Employment Opportunities

Hey CD!

If you’re looking for an opportunity in robotics or automation, my company, JLS Automation, has a slew of opportunities available at our headquarters just outside of York, PA.

JLS is an engineering firm focused on robotic packaging solutions and is a leader in the field. Find out more about the company here.

The company has a startup-like culture, is growing at an incredible pace, and has a great benefits package.

Some openings we have available:

• Aftermarket Service Manager
• Electrical Assembler
• Information Systems & Technology (IST) Administrator
• Lead Systems Engineer - Multiple Positions Open
• Manufacturing Manager
• Mechanical Assembler
• Production Utility

Check out all of the details at our careers page here.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like me to connect you directly with our hiring group!


Thank you for sharing information! I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering what JLS Automation offers in the way of internships/co-op positions.

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Of course! JLS usually has 2-3 interns around at any given time. Typically they are students from local colleges and universities (PSU, York College, Millersville, etc.), but I imagine with the right background and goals they would accept applicants from elsewhere. I’ll ask around to see what the official situation is.


Do employees get any free samples of the food as it is packed into boxes?


More than you can possibly imagine, though you DEFINITELY want to put some aside before they are handled all day in moderate heat.

Our team moved around 2 tons of various cheese for testing the other week. I know some peers who have 20 Lb blocks in freezers at home.

I’m currently working on a project for a famous beef jerky brand that will be providing loads of test samples, some of which will be tested for taste by us…

They even have some applications that are vegetarian and vegan friendly!


Oh the sacrifices that one has to make for ones profession… :wink:


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