Job Opening - Design Tech High School Makerspace

Design Tech High School (located in Redwood City, California) is looking for a Makerspace Assistant to facilitate and assist in running the school’s machine shop and makerspace, as well as help oversee the robotics program (consisting primarily of FRC Team 5940).

Here is a copy/paste of the job description: staff must embrace a design-thinking mindset; they must have empathy for students, colleagues and parents and a willingness to rapidly prototype solutions to help all students. They possess strong content knowledge, a track record of leadership, and the ability to mentor students toward high performance. They are hard working, punctual, flexible, energetic, risk-takers with a spirit of self-reflection and a constant desire to improve. staff also believe that students learn best when their education is personalized.

Key Duties Of the DRG assistant include:

  • Maintain hardware and software necessary to use items in the fabrication lab such as: laser cutters, 3-d printers, 3-d scanners, vinyl cutters, shop bots, milling machines, and other items as needed.
  • Train teachers and students on how to use materials in the fabrication.
  • Oversee Robotics Team.
  • Developing positive relationships with students, families, and colleagues

If you are interested in the position, please apply at this link:

I am not involved in any hiring processes, merely posting this here for more visibility. Please direct all inquiries to the contact information in the posting.