Job Opening - Head Mentor Position for FRC 5822 - Chicago, IL

I will be stepping down as head mentor from 5822 this summer due to a move to a new city. The team is currently searching for a head mentor candidate to take over for the next season. I can attest that this is a really great young team with lots of potential and support. If you should have any questions about my perspective on the team or position, feel free to DM me. The school will be conducting the formal search process. I’ve copied the job description below which will hopefully be posted to the school website shortly.


Robotics Moderator Position for 2017-18 School Year

Saint Ignatius College Prep is a highly successful Jesuit Catholic high school located near downtown Chicago. Founded in 1869, Saint Ignatius is a coed high school of approximately 1400 students, 100 faculty members, and 150 employees

The successful candidate will have a strong commitment to Catholic education and willingness to work with a talented and motivated student population and faculty colleagues. The successful candidate is dedicated to developing the whole student in academics, religious growth, and commitment to others.

This is a part-time position as moderator of the Robotics club. Candidates must be available after school hours and on some weekends. The busiest time is from January through April, but the club meets sporadically throughout the remainder of the year. The schedule has some flexibility to work around other commitments if needed.

The Robotics club has completed two years within the FIRST Robotics Competition. The team has competed competitively at these tournaments and looks to build on that success in the upcoming school year.

Minimum of BA degree in robotics subject area (math, physics, engineering, computer science, etc.) or related field experience
Prior FIRST Robotics experience preferred but not required
Teaching experience preferred but not required
Industry experience preferred but not required
Practicing Catholic preferred but not required


Background suitable for moderating a growing and diverse team of young men and women
Ability to use technology with preference for candidates who are familiar with Google Apps, CAD software, video and picture editing software and/or coding software
Excellent communication skills
Excellent organizational skills
Commitment to collaboration

Apply on website:
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Hold up, people get paid to be FRC Mentors? (like besides being actual teachers at a school first.)

I don’t think so its just that because he is leaving it also opened a teacher spot so the school needs a new mentor and teacher so one person will fill both roles.

This is a part-time position as moderator of the Robotics club

Not from what I understand.

I’ve seen a few things about hiring main mentors. Mos are usually for organizing and managing all teams throughout FLL, FTC, VEX, and FRC. I think that’d be an awesome job but sadly I’m graduating high school

i know of quite a few schools that offer stipends just like an athletic coach gets for working with the team. A lot of time these stipends are only offered to teachers on staff to help bump there overall pay, but not always. My experience with this has been mainly in Private/Parochial Schools, of which the 5822 is one.

Yes, there is a very modest stipend offered for this position. At our school, teachers receive stipends for large extracurricular activities (sports, robotics, etc). In this case, the same stipend is available to a non-faculty member. This would be the same sitauation as if the school hired a baseball coach that was a non-faculty member. All of that being said, it’s my hope that money wouldn’t be a motivating factor for any candidate. The stipend is designed to recognize the huge amount of time spent on these extracurriculars rather than entice candidates.

I know of some schools that pay full-time salaries to some of my friends to be FRC Coaches.

The trouble with offering non-teacher stipends is it opens all sorts of insurance, liability, and employment bugaboos. Teachers are typically exempt employees so you don’t have to pay them minimum wage. ] Volunteers have some liability protections that are lost once they become “paid”. If you are not careful, once they are paid, mentors become “employees” with workers comp, etc. There are ways to handle most of this, but it is something to be aware of.

That’s interesting. I’m about to become a “paid” non-teacher coach for the FRC team I work with. I’m going to fill out the paperwork for the job next month. I wonder how those sorts of details work out for them.

Chances are the school knows all about this. I’m a stipend receiving FRC coach and I know that the school has other coaches who are not otherwise employed by the school. It too is a private faith based college prep school. On the other hand the public school team my kids and I were on has a stipend receiving assistant coach for FRC and other extracurricular activities.

So I’m betting that the school knows exactly what can of legal worms they are opening.

My Stipend is the smile on the faces of the students as well as the outcome of their accomplishments.

But I can see how a position like this could be important to some teams.

On my former team I was paid a very small (<$200) stipend, making me a part-time ‘employee’ so I was covered by all the school’s insurances (particularly liability). Without that I was personally liable for anything that might happen, a risk I was unwilling to continue to take.