John Abele & Family may have found their fallen father’s WWII submarine.

After 65 years, John Abele and family may have found their fallen father’s WWII submarine.

On NBC’s Today show at about 8:15 AM (Eastern) today, there was a short piece on Boston Scientific’s co-founder and First Chairman & Founder Chairman John Abele and his family. Most everyone here knows that John Abele always presents the Championship Chairmans Award as well as many other things that I don’t know about.

The Abele family has been looking for 5 years for the grave of their father at the top of the world, the Bearing Sea off of the coast of Alaska. They were greatly aided by a Japanese historian that discovered a long lost eye witness account.

Their father Jim Abele, commanded a crew of 70 and all of them died in the USS Grunion submarine in World War II. See the related articles and NBC Nightly News video shown here. Scroll down to August 27 and click on “Sons find fallen father’s WWII sub”.

A MSNBC story link is hereand a website concerning the search for the Grunion is here. Be sure to view the video that Steve W. has provided a link for below. A good story, especially for the Abele and other crewman’s families.

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Aweome story. If you’ve ever had a chance to spend time with Mr. Abele, you know what a great individual he is and how committed to his family and his beliefs he is. Hopefully, this will remind all of us how powerful and necessary perseverance really is. is the piece that aired today

Great story. The video can be found at

John Abele made a presentation last year at NYC’s Gadgetoff about his family searching for the sunken submarine. You can watch that here:

There is a great story about this in the January, 2008 issue of Reader’s Digest. John Abele and his brothers are all showcased. Great story with a bittersweet ending.

This story is back in the news today.

Fox News Oct 4, 2008
This week, the United States Navy confirmed that a submerged vessel found last year off the Aleutian Islands is indeed the Grunion — nearly 65 years after the ship was lost at sea.

Incredible story! Thanks for bringing the thread back. :slight_smile:

Story was just featured again on the Today show this morning.

Great story!

With the sonar, video and other technology advancing I’m sure many other long lost wrecks will be found and identified. Like they said, closure is what the families want and atleast they now have knowledge of the fate of the sub and it’s crew.