John Deere Rotary Encoder Kit

Does anyone know how to assemble and mount the John Deere Rotary Encoder Kit (RE321826)? I can’t find any documentation about them, other than this:
The part number on AndyMark is fc-JohnDeereRotaryEncoder, but it’s been no help.

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I blasted through the part numbers listed on Andymark, and couldn’t find any real datasheet or other info on it. It’s a HAL effect sensor, and given what I suspect its application is I’d expect it to have a PWM output - measure the duty cycle to get the position… but that’s purely guesswork. The Andymark page just says “Analog”… No idea on pinout.

Screensteps live link below shows dual-analog output and gives pinout. Woot!

Given what I see that part selling for on amazon and ebay, 20 first credits is a total steal and it seems like it could be a very capable sensor if you can get it mounted right.

Any employees of John Deere able to get us in contact (via approved methods :slight_smile: ) with a datasheet or a print?

A data sheet will be posted soon. It’s a Hall Effect position sensor with two analog outputs that are 180 degrees out of phase.

I’ll ask some of our mentors if they know anything, assuming the pinout isn’t some sort of extremely classified information.

I do know that all of the part numbers are internal part numbers within John Deere, which is why there’s not much information publicly available and there’s no sites to buy more linked.

Does this help? (just added to the site today)


Yup! Excellent, thanks!