John Mellencamp


i was watching VH1 earlier this week, and saw the video for John Mellencamp’s new single “Walk Tall”. Has anyone else seen it??? When I first saw it, I was like…uhh…and in actuality, if you watch it for or five times, you catch all the little things. For instance, in the first few opening scenes, there are inter-racial relationships, and a white male polishing a black male’s shoe. The entire video is based on the 60’s segregation issues. HOWEVER, instead of using race as a basis for this video, they use “vertically challenged” characters.

It is such a positive song, and an inspiring video…

please, if you have seen it, respond with your thoughts

PS., here is a link to see the video…

I am a huge John Mellencamp fan. There is something about him and his music that just seems so American. And having grown up in a “Small Town” I really feel like i can relate to his music.

I think the Walk Tall video is amazingly powerful and moving. Johnny Cougar is definately someone I consider to be an American icon.

Edit: Oh yeah, I even got COUGAR put on the back of my senior shirt where everyone uts there nicknames, as a dedication to John.

That´s when sport was a sport/ And groovin´ was groovin´/ and dancin´ meant everything/ We were young and we were improvin´/ laughin´ laughin´ with our friends/ Holding hands meant something baby/ Outside the club cherry bomb/ Where our hearts were really thumpin´/ say yeah yeah yeah /Say yeah yeah yeah- Cherry Bomb