Johnny Five Robot for Sale

Oh man… If I ever had wished that I had $100,000 to spare, this would be the time…
The Johnny Five robot from the movie ‘Short Circuit’ is up for sale!

I remember when the first movie came out and we couldn’t wait to see it!

My favorite quote from that movie was “Who can read the mind of a robot?”:smiley:

Hopefully the next owner will preserve it for what it is. Being able to get the functioning one too is just another bonus, yep, Johnny Five is Alive!

That seller has some neat stuff including one of the correctly restored 69 Dodge Charger General Lee’s used for up close filming and the Statue of Liberty head from Planet of the Apes.

I’d have to get that if I had $100,000+ laying around.

Funny thing is I just watched both movies last night.

Some interesting yet suitable quotes for this thread:



“Accepting donations for the ‘Adopt-A-Bot Foundation!’”

still thinking…

Maybe Mr. Kamen does have the spare cash…

This would sure be a great tool to get new kids interested in the program.

Anybody listening in NH?


No Disassemble Johnny 5 =).

Wow why on earth would someone want to sell poor old Johnny 5. He was so understanding and unique =(.

I wonder if they give you a discount of some sorts if you bought THIS CARand THIS CARfrom them as well, and then you can take Johnny 5 out for a ride. :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind owning all 3 of those.

Def. some good memories from watching all 3 of those movies.
w00t Americana!