Johnson motors

Has anyone figured out where to get spare Johnson Electric motors?

I’m looking for the little 40w motor specifically, although if you can tell me how I can get the bigger Fisher Price Johnson Electric motors, that would be helpful too.

In order to buy them directly from Johnson Electric, I would have to buy >100,000 of them. That doesn’t fit into our budget… :slight_smile:


If you ask folks on this forum, you may find someone who will trade you for some other goodie they can’t live without.

Joe J.

We actually went to a local Power Wheels repair center and they had the New Fisher Price and the Old ones in stock about 21 bucks each. Go to the web site to find the nearest center at

Thanks for the suggestions. We are going to a scrimmage with our local teams this weekend and I’ll ask around/barter then. What do you think, Rochester teams?

As for the PowerWheels repair centers, we have one in town. I called them yesterday and over the phone I couldn’t seem to convince the guy that it had to be EXACTLY the same motor and one that is “pretty close” isn’t gonna cut it. Today I’m actually going to visit them with one of last years motors and tell them “This isn’t it. What else have you got?” Funny, but the drives sub-team won’t let me have on of this years for a few hours…


We took last years and this years motors in there to see what they had. The part number in the manual didn’t turn up anything so we asked do you have a little motor with a 16 on the pinion, sure enough he said and came out with last years motor with the 16 tooth pinion which is I think this years extra motor in the kit with no pinion, a little more looking and he also found this years just under different part #'s than what first has. Someone else posted in here with the #'s about a week ago maybe search the forum

Good Luck

Our team had a little plug made for the FP motor so that we can put that in to the plastic gear(or that extruding thingy) and attach a shaft to it…turns out that the gearbox for this year’s FPM are tiny bit different from last year’s motor demension…the plugs didn’t fit >_<