Join iee

When our team was at Wescon this past week, IEE (the british organization) asked that I let all FIRST members know they can join IEE (even the british one) or IEEE for free, and get advice in their forums regarding electronics.
The IEE Measurement, Sensors, Instrumentation & NDT Professional Network

i thought to join the IEE (institution of electrical engineers ) you had to have a certified degree . In england any degree thats Beng (Bachelor) MEng (Master) Or CEng(Chartered) you can register as a student though…

Oh believe me, its a fantastic organization to be apart of. I’m apart of it at my school. Yes it is free and there is alot of information regarding electronics that some of you guys/gals may find useful!

I agree. The IEEE is an excellent organization to be a part of. The best Electrical Engineering group there is.