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We’re Team 3646 Bahcesehir INTEGRA, 2017’s Chairman’s Award Finalist and last year’s Houston World Championship Subdivision Finalist, from Istanbul Turkey.

As a team, we realized that the communication between different FRC teams around the world is not continuous enough to exchange valuable information with each other. In order to enlarge FIRST community and make teams able to share their ideas with other people, we created a new platform called IntegratedFIRST is the first CV database program for FIRST participants which is designed by INTEGRA. IntegratedFIRST is developed to strengthen the relations between teams and facilitate making contact with sponsors. Besides including the documents related to season, it also contains the ideas, thoughts or messages that teams want to share with other teams. –basically, a Facebook for us, the Robotics Nerds but in a much more formal shape.

By registering, you can stabilize your communication with FIRST family and reach the documents that are uploaded by other members of the community. You may not only reach but also share your own opinions and make your team loud by becoming one of the users on the platform.

In order to register, teams are advised to fill out the appropriate (FRC, FTC or FLL) team CV template available in this link. After completing it, teams need to save it as a PDF file and upload it to a file hosting provider such as Google Drive or Dropbox and make it viewable for public. After this, teams should fill out the registration form and provide the link of their team CV and other information there. In case of any alteration, teams can update their profile. Teams can also post new updates on Activity Tab, or view and comment to other teams’ posts. Besides this, IntegratedFIRST provides a communication system to send public and private message to other teams. As 3646, we would be pleased to see you among us trying to make FIRST LOUD!

For more information:

We wish you an amazing season!

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I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way - but why should teams use a communication platform created by another team…instead of just using commercially available platforms…as well as just using Chief Delphi?

I guess the purpose is lost on me. We should actively be persuading new and existing teams to use Chief Delphi more, and other existing established efforts such as The Compass Alliance. Is there something in particular about this resource that is quite different that I’m just not interpreting as you intended?

Best of luck and good work to the students who made this, but I just don’t believe it is the best resource for the community.


I completely agree. Chief Delphi is well-established and is the main line of communication between teams. Personally, I don’t see a need for another communication system for teams, as Chief Delphi and other platforms are really great at connecting FIRST teams around the world. To me, this honestly sounds like a spin-off of Chief Delphi.
However, I wish your team luck in your endeavors with this website and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it.