Join our College Teams!!

I posted this thread last night, but realized that I may have buried it where most people couldn’t find it. So here it is.

Before I begin, I am aware of, but I would like to get more in depth info out that could be included there eventually …nudgenudge

That said, in the interests of boosting awareness and membership of our various college teams. I encourage all leaders or contacts of college-based FIRST/Robotics student organizations to post contact information here as well as a LITTLE about your team.

School: Georgia Tech
Organization: RoboJackets
Focus: Promotion/Education/Advancement in the field of robotics
Membership: 20(approx.)
Contact: Jevawn Roberts (President)

We are a competition team in the Mechanical Engineering department that participates in several competitions such as IGVC, FIRST and BattleBots. We have a member motivated non-competition project system. Interdisciplinary interaction is stressed as key in our projects and our members are exposed to many aspects of the design, manufacture, testing, and management of projects to create better engineers. Our FIRST team is team 1002 the CircuitRunners the Peachtree Regional Chairman’s winners for the past 2 years and last years Peachtree Regional Champs. We also are helping to grow and strengthen the FIRST program in Georgia, by supporting teams with technical workshops and anything else we have in our power to do.

Oh well, I’ve said my piece. Your turn guys.

Jevawn Roberts

Sure, I’ll go for this, I have some time.

School: Michigan State University, Okemos and Grand Ledge High Schools
Team Name/Number: 1504–“BIG” Spartan Robotics
Focus: Giving some high school kids the awesome opportunity that we had in high school, plus a little fun for the mentors along the way :smiley:
Membership: 7 mentors, 17 kids
Contact: Beth Sweet (Team Leader/paperwork queen) or team email

We were a rookie this year and participate in FIRST. We had 7 college mentors this past season comprised of alumni of teams 33, 67, 469 and 573. Next year we are looking at having alumni from 1596 and 1504 as well. (still looking for more mentors!) We have some awesome kids and some pretty supportive schools (yay schools that have full metal machine shops in them!) and a pretty great team.