Join Team 8603 for the 2020-2021 Season

Hey everyone my name is Kate and I am a member of team 8603. Our team was formed by previous members of an FRC team that wasn’t able to run this year due to covid-19 and school board complications. Naturally the team was devastated and wasn’t ready to give up on having a FIRST season just yet. As we researched possible solutions to our problem we were in contact with several other kids who’s teams were not competing this year just like ours. Eventually we were able to start a new team and get the grant money required to pay off our registration fee. We realized that we wanted this team to be more than just the original members of our old FRC team. We want to open up our team to other students in FIRST who are unable to compete this year because of complications due to the coronavirus. We will only be doing the remote challenges and our meetings will be over discord (link attached below) which will hopefully allow students from all over to contribute. I attached the link to the google form below for anyone who is interested.