Join the Virtual Robot Simulator (VRS) Development Team

VRS mission: ” Bringing a FIRST (Tech Challenge) Experience to every kid.”

The VRS development team is all remote. We have FTC team members in Seattle, Texas, San Diego, Illinois, Freemont, Ca and Florida. We have set up two games.

VRS Web site

VRS Power Play Virtual Robot Simulator

VRS Ultimate Goal Virtual Robot Simulator

VRS custom Robot Importer Virtual Robot Simulator

We’re looking for interns who might be able to push our project forward and in new directions. We are particularly looking for highly motivated FTC students or alums are able to work independently. We need interns who are skilled with or understand some of the following: the RC App-Open RC- have written “programs with motor fakes”, Java, Javascript, servers, HTML-react, SEO, have experience with Electron, Skilled with CAD-with experience in writing custom scripts, especially Fusion and On Shape ,Blender, Unity experience, have a proven record in developing online games.



Seems interesting. Y’all should apply!


FRC Simulations to explore and add to the VRS universe
FRC Robotics with ROS FRC Robotics with ROS - YouTube
ROS Unity Simulator for FRC ROS Unity Simulator for FRC - YouTube

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