Joining A Team

Hi, I’m Matthew and I am interested in joining a FIRST team. I am from Livonia, Michigan. I go to school at Divine Child Highschool, which does not currently have a FIRST team. I am hoping to be able to join a surrounding team or have someone help me start a FIRST team at my school. I am currently in Manchester, New Hampshire helping the the FIRST summer camps at FIRST Place. I will be here until August 14th and then will return to Livonia. Please contact me by email or reply to this post if you are interested.

When you get back in the area, if you need anyone to come talk to people, let me know…I’ve been in this for a while…

Thanks, I’ll get back to you. :slight_smile:

taking a look at where you live… ive noticed that you are very close to ypsilanti which is where Chief Delphi is located. if my memory serves me correctly i think theres another team or two around in the area.

Chief Delphi is from Pontiac, MI.

(about 25 miles from Livonia.)

Dude if your in Manchester talk to the blue knights or CHAOS they are both manchester based teams(I think)

I would try to join a Manchester team but A) CHAOS wont accept me & B) I’m only hear for a short period of time, until the summer is over to be exact.

Check out the interactive map on the FIRST page.

Already did that. But it doesn’t tell you how to join a team or start one.

I was thinking about using the interactive map to find the closest teams, then go to the teams page and look for a contact, and get information directly from teams that will be in that area.

Ah, I see. Good idea, I’ll try that.

our team is in the plymouth canton area, there’s is 470 i think in ypsi and there is a novi team, i think one in westland. The onything i think you need to check to join a team is if that is ok with the school rules for those clubs and if that team would accept you as a member. I’m sure if you contact the mentors on those teams that you can find out what they allow.

I’ve checked my area, and the closest one I think is the Northville Robostangs (548). And in fact i know someone who goes to school their but is not on the FIRST team.

If you are interested in starting a team, check out this link: ASME Guide to Starting a FIRST Team Good luck! :smiley:

  • Katie

If you’re really interested in starting a FIRST team talk to Cindy Abrams up at FIRST place she can give you all the paperwork you need, try to contact soem companies in the area you’re interested in starting it in and make a proffesional looking business proposal to show to them, if you need any help let me know and I’ll try to help you along, I have copies of a proposal that my team actually used, I can send it into camp with my little sister for you, just let me know!