Jolting Moters

We’re having some dificulties with our drive train. We tried omniwheels this year, so as the programer, I’ve had to learn to adapt. We finally got them on and ready to drive with today, but unfortionately, they’re only going in short jolts not a constant flow of power. It’s almost like the wheels are catching on something on the ground, except it was on blocks. The Jaguar speed controllers are flickering yellow and green, and yellow and red.

Ok two things one what type of omni drive are you you using?
Two check all of the connections on the victors/Jaguars and the power going two them

Please describe your drivetrain, both mechanically and electrically. Are you using the default two-motor arcade drive, or have you changed it to something else?

Do you have two motors into one gearbox? They might be wired in a way that has them opposing each other. Try installing the circuit breaker for only one motor at a time and see how it responds to the joysticks.

Our wheels are in the middle of all 4 sides. And our jaguars are all wired correctly.

Please describe your drivetrain, both mechanically and electrically.

What motors are you using? What is between the motors and the wheels? I don’t know what “wired correctly” means to you, so I need details in order to give more advice.

it may seem unnecessary but the more info you give us the more we can help you

Or, put another way: We love solving problems. It is what we do, both for fun and professionally. That’s why we’re here. But to solve a problem, you must first understand it.

If any of us were there, we’d be able to identify and fix your problem. But we are not. You must be our eyes and ears. All we know is what you tell us.

Sorry, we fixed the problem and I forgot to alert everyone on here. We knew it was a programing problem, so that’s why I didn’t give much information on the other subjects. Sorry, and thanks!