For those of you who don’t know already, Joost (formerly known as the Venice Project) is an IP-TV project started by the creators of software such as Kazaa and Skype.

This has been in private beta for a while, and I’ve been really excited to get my hands on an invitation. I finally got one today, and I must say I am very let down. The software is awesome, the quality and load time are good, but there is NO content!

Maybe more content will come with time? We can only hope so.

Has anyone else been able to try this out?

It looks kind of interesting - I’d be more interested if the two channels that would grab my attention most (Alliance Atlantis Scifi and Bridezillas (can’t help it - wife does wedding planning for a living)) weren’t blocked in the United States.

I agree, content was a big issue. I’m very shocked Comedy Central (or Viacom) has gone through a lawsuit with YouTube so they could switch to Joost.

If you are just looking for FIRST videos
all you need is
the blue alliance -
soap -
firsttube -

I joined Joost yesterday. I agree with you about the shortage of content, but it is only beta right now. Once it is available for public distribution, I expect content to improve.

I wish there was some control over buffering-- I’m on a college network, so network speeds vary widely over the course of the day.

Does anyone know the invite distribution schedule? I just joined and I don’t have any invites to give out yet.

Well, part of it is going to be exclusivity of content and licensing to other parties. It’s like the deal with the Battlestar Galactica webisodes earlier this year - you had to be in the US to see them. So I’m not holding my breath on content, but one can hope…

All the beta testers (including me!) now have unlimited invites, because Joost has now entered “expanded-expanded beta” (Gizmodo article).

PM me for an invite (EDIT: include your email address please).