Joule 7 FLIP

Be careful how quickly you go over that rock wall!



She’s OK, luckily nothing major broke, but the smack of the battery into the ground had us worried for a bit.
Also, anyone know if there is a away to embed a .gif into a post?

Let me see if this works

Edit: Pooey. You might have to host it on imgur or photobucket instead.

Anyways I suspect this will happen to a lot of teams that are gonna try and Dukes of Hazzard it over defenses. Be careful out there! :smiley:

After this “incident” we decided a solid aluminum roll cage would be beneficial.

Going the race car route, I see. Would this roll cage be a roll cage in the sense that it would protect your components in the even of a flip or would it be a literal roll cage that your robot would roll on if it flipped over?

Looks like you could use one of these…

More along these lines:

Just to prevent any major damage in a match. A full roll cage that flips us back upright would be awesome, but just not feasible with low bar constraints.