Joystick Advice

Hello, Chief Delphi friends,
Our team has many joysticks and controllers, but most are all outdated and obsolete. Our current joysticks are Logitec ATK 3, and we have 4 of them, (2 for driving and 1 for the operator, plus 1 for backup).
What does your team use?
We are looking into buying newer, better, sleeker joysticks, (or controllers). What do you recommend? Not recommend? Is there anything in the search that we should prioritize? Any help is greatly appreciated.
(FRC Team 107 Driver)

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we use xbox controllers and that normally works pretty well

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My team this year has decided to use an xbox controller for the main driver and a joystick for the second driver. In the past years we have had a lot of trouble using a logitech attack and a logitech extreme 3d pro. Our second driver had no purpose.

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My team uses mainly Logitech F310 and Xbox One controllers and that works well.

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I recommend sticking exactly with the Attack 3s, as you can still buy them NOS. They’re ambidextrous, don’t have too many buttons, and fairly durable compared to similar options. (and a lot cheaper, though some people drop $600+ on joysticks so idk)


Xbox controllers is what we have used since I’ve been on the team. We upgraded from 360 to One controllers last year and they worked fine as well and we made a button board for our operator which we nearly never used due to time constraints. However, I’d say its mostly up to the preference of the drive team. Find what works best for you, hopefully this helps.


Could any of you help with this?


3468 Has used Wired XBox 360 Controllers for the last several years, we honestly aren’t sure what we will do as the available supply of second-hand 1st party models dwindle, not that we are apocalyptically close to that quite yet, lol.

There’s something to be said about sticking with a commonly used product other teams can easily help. However try expanding your search terms to flight sticks, frankly the joystick markets kinda dead. Normally I’d advocate for madcatz but they don’t stock flight sticks anymore. Logitech isn’t exactly the fanciest brand but they do joysticks well. I’d check out the Thrustmaster, HOTAS, and Saitek. Oh I like razer but they gotta be maintained and the instructions need to be followed, most of the controllers they have extra buttons that can be programmed and they can do weird things like adjust their sensitivity on the fly if you aren’t careful.